Ekaterina & Alexander & Konstantin Wladigeroff were born in Sofia, Bulgaria at the home of renowned conductor and composer Alexander Wladigeroff (1933-1993) and actress Velichka Chobanova - Vladigerova. The first steps in music are made under the influence of the artistic spirit in W’ladigeroff’s home. The trio Wladigeroff / Trio Vladigerov projects are intended to represent the musical tradition of the Wladigeroff family in its development over three generations. They are deeply revered for the immense and invaluable artistic value of the musical heritage. Maintaining its authenticity is of paramount importance in developing every new musical idea of theirs. In the last ten years, Alexander and Konstantin Wladigeroff have released five albums with their own compositions: 

- Wanderer in Love" (2007), 

- For The Greatest And Little Things (2011) 

- Dreaming Of Dreams ( 2014 ) 

- Dedicated Sounds" (2014) ,

- The Rag Waltz Time (2017)

 - Magie (2020 / 2021)  in which they express their individuality and original composer's style with virtuoso ease and rich fantasy.

The Trio Wladigeroff concert performances are a live retrospective of music created over 120 years by three different generations, gained experience and inspiration from the wealth of Bulgarian folklore. They have performed in Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, America, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. 


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